Cancellation information


I understand the GTFS-RT does not include Service Alerts, which are normally used to communicate cancellations and disruptions such as the below example:

Is there another source to fetch this crucial information?



Hi @Jakob, currently there is no such source.

Probably, this data will become available only next year, in a few months we should know more.

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Hi aepli, thanks for your answer. Do you know if the “sister API” VDV 431 include this kind of disruption info?

After checking back: The disruption info is not yet part of GTFS RT or VDV 431, however, GTFS-RT should already include cancellation information.

We are currently starting a project that will enable us to provide disruption information. We are still in the early stages including discussions with different parties and process changes, so I can’t give a more precise timeline than in my previous answer.

Ok, thanks for the comprehensive update. I look forward to the new disruption feed in the future. Please keep us posted!