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The actual service provided is displayed. The final forecast is used where no actual data are available.

Data archives on have all of 2018, and Any chance that and will be made available?

I expected to find the Postauto AG bus stop “Weinfelden”/“Weinfelden, Bahnhof” and other bus stops in Weinfelden in the actual data (e.g. 2019-12-01, but no way. Btw. Postauto AG is listed as a company with a Company-GO-ID (of 801). I find entries of other Postauto AG lines and bus stops in the actual data file.

I know the real-time data is available for the bus line 924 and e.g. bus stop “Weinfelden, Humana”. When waiting at the station the following link shows the current prognosis:

Any idea from where I can download actual data of all Postauto AG bus stops?

Data from Postauto AG (PAG) is available for some of the lines/stops, but not for all of them. PAG data is not delivered centrally from one PAG platform, but through various platforms, depending on the PAG region (not all of these platforms are delivering yet). More PAG lines/stops are still being added, in a couple of years the list should be complete.

The PAG data in this data set doesn’t necessarily align with the data on (not the same lines/stops are available).

There is probably no data source containing real-time data for all PAG stops.

@gregweb: By the way, in the data set “Business organisations with realtime” there is also a comment regarding PAG: “Es sind nicht alle Linien verfügbar. […]”